Mallawi, Did It Deserve to be the Capital of El Farouqia?!

Enas Fares Yehia


This research discusses the argument raised over the establishment of the new governorate, named Faroukia, in Upper Egypt. King Farouk suggested an administrative division of Egypt that serves private and public interests, so he issued a decree in 1943 for the establishment of two new directorates, the first, El Fouadia after the name of his father King Fouad, in Lower Egypt, and the second, El Faroukia, after his name in Upper Egypt. The first was established in 1949 but no procedures were undertaken for the second till 1951. There were two choices for the Faroukia capital, Deirout and Mallawi. This research discusses Mallawi's inhabitants’ trials in winning the title and how they wanted nepotism to have no impact on the choice of capital. They tried to get the title of the capital of Faroukia as the resources are there. This research is the first study to show the arguments about the choice of the Faroukia directorate.


El Faroukia, El Fouadia, Mallawi, Minia

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