Does Corporate Social Responsibility Affect Attitudinal Loyalty? Evidence from Fast Food Chains in Cairo

Mostafa A. Ellahamy, Mohamed A. Morsy, Hesham E. Saad, Omar Qoura


There is a scarcity of research on Corporate Social Responsibility CSR influence on customer responses in the context of Egyptian market; this rarity involves the area of tourism and hospitality sector. Customer responses indicate to customer outcomes towards the firm such as customer satisfaction, trust, commitment and customer loyalty. This research aims to explore the impact of perceived CSR on customer attitudinal intentions in fast food chains in Cairo which adopt CSR initiatives. To accomplish the research aim, secondary data was gathered from CSR relevant literature, while primary data was collected through empirical study conducted by questionnaire survey strategy on random sample of fast food customers in Cairo. To analyze the collected data chi-square (x²) test was used in order to investigate the impact of every dimension of CSR on attitudinal intentions, and Pearson correlation coefficient (R) was used to assess the direction and strength of the associations among study variables. The results revealed that fast food customers' perceiving of undertaken CSR by chains is positively affecting attitudinal loyalty.


Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, Attitudinal Loyalty, Fast Food

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