Evaluation Study of Application of HACCP System in Food and Beverage Department at Five Star Hotels in the Red Sea Governorate

Ayman H. Sayed, Mohamed A. Morsy, Mohamed S. Hassan


The content of the search consists of introduction in HACCP system, problem of the search, aim of the search and hypotheses of the search.

After that the search displays a history of HACCP system, the requirements for implementation of HACCP system, also obtains the seven principles of HACCP, food cycle, and finally shows the benefits of HACCP system and obstacles or barriers that prevents implementation of HACCP system. Additionally the search presents the methods of the study such as the form of a questionnaire, validity and reliability, Statistical standards such as the Mean, Standard Deviation and Standard Error and ANOVA analysis. Also the search presents the participation rate of the respondents and clarify questions which is relating to the concept of HACCP system to measure the awareness about HACCP for all managers of food & beverage department, pre-requests of HACCP system and clarify the benefits that accrue to the hotel after implementation of HACCP system, as well as detects obstacles and barriers that prevents implementation of the program. Finally the search presents recommendations and conclusions for hotels to apply HACCP system in the Red Sea Governorate.


HACCP System, Implementation of HACCP, Food and Beverage department, Five Star Hotels, Red Sea Governorate

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