Female Offering Bearers' Scenes during the Middle Kingdom

Taher Abdelhamid


The Egyptians had elaborate beliefs about death and the afterlife. They were depending on their offerings to live again in the afterworld. They depict their followers presenting offering in their tombs. All the activities done in their life were portrayed it in their tombs.

This paper concentrates on the female bearers only. It will present and collect Middle Kingdom offering bearers' scenes. It will be explain them with details. It makes an analysis to know the general positions of female bearers during the Middle Kingdom, their costumes and their offering.

It concluded that the Females offerings' bearers were less than the Old Kingdom Scenes and the word "estates" omitted from the Middle Kingdom texts. They were depicted in standing position while holding or loading their offerings. They were worn a dress with one or two straps and bracelets, armlets and anklets. 


Offering bearers, Middle Kingdom

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