The Development of Foreign Direct Investment as a Tool for Sustainable Tourism in Fayoum, Egypt

Farouk A. H. Attaallah, Mostafa M. Hussein


Inward foreign direct investment plays a vital role in economic growth and development in developing and emerging countries. In additions, in developing and transition countries including, Egypt tourism sector represents a promising path towards an economic and social development. Further development of tourism sector in these countries is in need of foreign direct investment (FDI). However the importance of tourism in many developing countries, tourism foreign direct investment (TFDI) is still rather low.

This current study aims to reveal the concepts of FDI,TFDI and sustainable TFDI; and evaluating the current status and dimensions of TFDI in Fayoum governorate as an emerging Egyptian tourism regional destination.

The research depends on the descriptive approach, deep-structured interviews accompanied with open-ended and open-closed questionnaire directed to responsibles and experts of tourism investment in Fayoum governorate. Field data are analysed by SPSS program.

The overall and the main finding of the study is that TFDI in Fayoum is existed in a somehow acceptable condition; as Fayoum being an emerging tourism destination in Egypt. The study provides- with support of the real field view- some recommendations particularly for the law and motives of the TFDI in Fayoum.


Foreign Direct Investment, Tourism Foreign Direct Investment, Sustainable Foreign Direct Investment, Activities Tourism, Fayoum

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