Impact of Effective Training on Employee Performance in Hotel Establishments

Samar N. khalaf, Mohamed A. Morsy, Gamal S. Ahmed, Nabil A. A. Ali


The new developments in our Contemporary world bring out new terms of management science in all aspects. This is as a result of the complexity of work and the connection between its aspects, training is one of these terms that has a very important role in organizations development, especially service organization, hotels are the most important of service organizations.Employees are a crucial, but expensive resource, in order to sustain economic growth and effective performance, it is important to optimize the contribution of employees to the aims and goals of the organizations. The purpose of this paper is to explore the criteria of effective training in five-star hotels and identify the significant impact of effective training on skills of the hotel staff, performance of the hotel staff, productivity of the hotel staff and cost reduction. The results show that there is a significant impact of effective training on skills of the hotel staff, staff performance, employee productivity and cost reduction. The findings of the paper provide information to hotel management and human resource management to accentuate the importance of training programs by highlight its merits to the hotel’s success. For instance, training has shown to have positive results on employee morale, productivity, satisfaction and retention, as well as on service consistency and guest satisfaction.


Training skills, training performance, training productivity, cost reduction.

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