Enhancing Hospitality Facilities via Information Technology in the Egyptian Hotels

Sherif G. S. Soliman


The research problem is shortage information technology facilities in the Egyptian hotels. So this research aimed to enhance hospitality facilities via information technology in these hotels; to achieve this aim; the research has one specific objective as follow: identify level of importance and satisfaction of hotels guests through some of questionnaires distributed for them. The hotel industry can potentially use e-commerce to enhance its primary and support activities by leveraging this new technology in the value chain. Hotels use information and communication technologies (ICTs) in order to improve their operations, manage their inventory and maximize their profitability. Their systems facilitate both in-house management and distribution through electronic media. Moreover, hotels utilize ICTs and the internet extensively for their distribution and marketing functions. Global presence is essential in order to enable both individual customers and the travel trade to access accurate information on availability and to provide easy, efficient, inexpensive and reliable ways of making and confirming reservations. The type of sample is convenience sample. This study employed a self-administered questionnaire. Two hundred forms were distributed in ten investigated Cairo hotels; twenty forms in each hotel; among them 180 forms valid for analysis (90%) to rate the importance and satisfaction with 15 hotel facilities which be offered via information technology. The findings revealed that the most important hotel facilities were accurate, fast and reliable website for gathering information and making reservation, express check-in / check-out, and touch screen to recognize the bill before check out time. Most of the respondents were dissatisfied about express check-in / check-out, speed internet access, and e-payment.


E-commerce, information technology, hospitality, PMSs

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