Food Risk Communication (FRC) in Luxor and Aswan Hotels: Drivers versus Boundaries

Safwat M. E. Adam, Mohamed A. Morsy, El-Hussein Moawad


International, community and national food safety law and any subsequent decision-making practices aim to be based on risk analysis a process consisting of risk assessment, risk management and risk communication. The present study focuses on evaluating the awareness of managers and person in charge in Luxor and Aswan three star hotels about the concept, drivers and boundaries of food risk communication and the status of applicable food risk communication process. It was used a structured questionnaire for data collection and obtained data will be analyzed and processed by (SPSS) version (16.0). The study results emphasized that the Luxor and Aswan hotels managers and person in charge do not have adequate knowledge about food risk communication concept. About half of hotels managers and person in charge did not have sufficiently knowledge about the food risk communication drivers. Finally, the results emphasized respondents do not have training program focus on food safety risk communication to improve and increase health habits of food handlers. Based on the results obtained, recommendations were provided to help in existing a policy at Luxor and Aswan hotels such as the higher levels of food risk communication training programs.


food risk analysis, food risk communication, Luxor and Aswan hotels, food safety, person in charge

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