Assessing Social and Physical Servicescape as Drivers of Hotels’ Image Formation: Customers Perspective

Emad Abdel-Aal, Jehan E. Abbas


Place should not be viewed as a physical space that customers patronize because their service experiences in place are shaped by its occupants. This study investigates the effects of social and physical servicescape cues on customers’ perception of hotel image formation. Based on data derived from 138 customers at five star hotels in Cairo, social servicescape cues (service employees, other customers and rapport) have been differentiated with physical servicescape cues (facility Aesthetics, spatial Layout, ambient conditions, signs and symbols) in perceiving hotel image. Consequently, a significant positive relationship was found between the social 0.63(**) and physical servicescape 0.53(**) drivers and hotel image formation. Moreover, social servicescape was more influential than the physical one where a significant predictive relationship (p < 0.05) was found between Social and Physical servicescape and hotel image formation with variability of 39.8% and 30.2% respectively. 


Social Servicescape, Physical Servicescape, Hotel Image

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