The Relationship between Goddess Anukis and Gazelle during New Kingdom

Tamer Fahim


The gazelle is represented much more times in ancient Egyptian context and scenes of tombs, temples and ostraca, but few studies call attention to the missing link or relation between goddess Anukis and gazelle in ancient Egypt. The ambiguous relation between them may render to many reasons such as; the idea regarding which animals are represented as the symbolic, also the lack of information which deal with gazelle and Anukis. The paper contributes in broader understanding of the missing relation between gazelle Anukis as member in Elephantine's triad. The paper aims to clear the mysterious relation of gazelle with Anukis in shade light of an important texts of pyramid and coffin texts and rarely representations and scenes which gathering them. It is worthy note that few evidences as an attribute of Khnum and Anukis dates back to the New Kingdom and is mostly concentrated to western Thebes. On this basis the paper will introduce answers to the relation between goddess Anukis and gazelle; the author try to answer many questions deal with this relationship, for example is there a divine relation between goddess Anukis and gazelle?  Is the gazelle considered just an offering to the goddess Anukis? Or a symbol, or represents the goddess herself? Is there any one single reference to the goddess in her titles for example that the gazelle mentioned clearly? This paper was developed using analytical and comparative approaches based on document and linguistic and picture analyses. The paper concludes that there is a distinguish connection between the goddess Anukis and gazelle are confirmed in a limited number of sources from the New Kingdom.


Anukis-Gazelle-divinity-Ostraca- New Kingdom

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