Ranking the Japanese Guest Priorities for Hospitality Services in Egypt

Hany A. Kouzmal


The hospitality industry is the largest and the fastest growing industry in the world. This research aim is to study Japanese guests' expectations, requirements, and priorities regarding hospitality services for the purpose to satisfy and increase the number of Japanese guests in Egypt. The literature review covers two main points, the first of which is an overview of hospitality services in Egypt to the Japanese guests. The second part focuses on trying to understand Japanese guests' characteristics and requirements. The field study is accomplished through self-administered questionnaire, which includes some attributes that may influence Japanese guest. Data was collected by some personal visits, phone calls, E - mails and social media. The collected data were used to declare a descriptive analysis of guests' questionnaire by using SPSS version 20. The results show the characteristics of Japanese guests, as well as ranking their requirements concerning hospitality services. A major contribution of this study is ranking the Japanese guest priorities regarding the hospitality services in order to support hospitality managers to meet and achieve the Japanese guest satisfaction.


Hospitality industry, Tourism in Egypt, Japanese requirements, Japanese satisfaction

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