Factors Affecting Electronic Supply Chain Management adoption in Egyptian Travel Agencies

Azza Maher, Toka Mahrous


Electronic supply chain management (e-SCM) is an innovative dimension emerging from the supply chain management concept. E-SCM has developed as a consequence of the evolution of the information technologies. The main objectives of this study are to identify the extent of the current adoption of e-SCM in Egyptian travel companies, toshed light on the range of factors that have an effect on the implementation of e-supply chain management, and then to propose a model that explains the relationship between the
theoretical factors and adoption of e-SCM. Sincethe main aim of this study is to identify the factors that have greater association with e-SCM adoption within the travel companies; dings of this study prove that travel agencies use e-SCM tools, but they are still used to a limited extent. Moreover, the factors that affect the adoption of e-SCM in travel agencies are as follows: Innovation, internal business environment, e-SCM supporting infrastructure, organizational factors, external business environment, and government rules and regulations.
Keywords: Supply chain management, e-SCM, e-commerce, travel agencies.


Supply chain management, e-SCM, e-commerce, travel agencies

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