Food Safety Risk Management System in Three Star Hotels: Barriers, Benefits and Motivations of Application

Safwat M. E. Adam, Mohammed A. Morsy, El Hussein Moawad


Food safety risk management (FSRM) is a system recognized as a worldwide guideline for controlling food borne safety hazards. Nevertheless, the availability of a diagnostic instrument to assess the performance and effectiveness of the FSRM is rather restricted.
The aims of this research were to determine barriers, benefits and motivations of the applying food safety risk management systems and measure the effectiveness of FSMS in three star hotels in Luxor and Aswan by using questionnaire instrument. Two hundred fifty questionnaires were distributed to the head of department and supervisor in three star
hotels in Luxor and Aswan, two hundred thirty were fully completed and returned, the
questionnaires elicited information on the concept of FSRM and barriers hindering
implementation the FSRM and factors that motivate three star hotels to implementation of
FSRMS the results revealed that the respondents had not a sufficient awareness about FSRM, while just less of ten percent of the respondents were aware of FSRM concept and the study also indicated that the main barriers for implementation FSRM in three star
hotels in Luxor and Aswan included; the lack of a high skilled team, lack of training and qualification of manpower, resignation of some workers, giving priority to profit compared to the healthy side by management, implementation of the program may require a costly
devices ,very complex and expensive system needs a long time to implement, the study also showed that the main goals and motivation for the implementation of FSRMS were, lack of customer complaints, enhancing the hotel's reputation, improving employee performance, reducing the cost of production in the hotel, increasing market share, it is a competitive advantage for hotel. The study recommends that Should established an independent department in hotels for food safety risks management the heads of department and supervisor in three star hotels in Luxor and Aswan should be adequately aware of FSRM concept, benefits

Key word: Motivations, FSRM, market share, food safety, risk management


Motivations, FSRM, market share, food safety, risk management

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