Evaluating the Performance of Employees in Food and Beverage Department at Resort Hotels

Mahinor Ahmed Fouad, Ahmed Nour El Din Elias, Hany Esam


Service quality is a growing concern for the hospitality industry. Today service firms are paying more attention than ever to the needs and expectations of the customers by consistently improving the quality of service provided to their customers. The performance is measured by the turnover rate for managerial and non-managerial employees, labor productivity and its return on assets. Customer satisfaction has emerged as an important component in the success of service business, as it encourages repeat business and foster word-of-mouth advertising. The hotel industry responds to the use of competencies in human resource management as this industry is people focused and labor intensive. Thus, people with the level of proficiency and skills are highly required for a successful business. Therefore, the present study was designed to evaluate employees' performance in food and beverage department at Sharm El-Sheikh hotels. Hence, this study aims to ensure the effectiveness of the human element in resort hotels.


Employees, Food and Beverages, Hotels

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