How Successful is Fast Food Social Media Marketing? International vs. Local Chains

Hesham E. Saad, Nabeel A. Badran


The aim of this research is to analyze and compare the marketing strategies that international and local fast food chains are performing on social media platforms. A purposive sample consisted of twenty international and local fast food chains were selected. Qualitative and quantitative research approaches were adopted; two data collection instruments have been used. The first instrument was the content analysis of Facebook networking brands pages of the investigated chains. The second tool concerned social media managers and marketing managers and was collected through an online survey; the survey aimed to recognize whether the elements of social media strategy included or not included in the investigated chains approaches. Based on the results, it was found that local brands suffer from a lack of established marketing strategies for engaging in social media; on the contrary, international chains were found to successfully use social media to their benefit.
Keywords: Social media marketing, online social networking,  Facebook, local and international fast food chains


Social media marketing, online social networking, Facebook, local and international fast food chains

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