Halal Tourism: Evaluating Opportunities and Challenges in the Middle East "Jordan and Egypt"

Ranea Qaddahat, Farouk Attaalla, Mostafa M. Hussein


he Halal Tourism, as a new phenomenon in the tourism market, has many economic and social benefits especially in the regions such as South-East of Asia and Middle East. It is expected that Halal Tourism as a modern trend that makes up a good portion of the spending in the global economy, and it is expected that global spending for Muslims to
travel abroad to be $ 233 billion in 2020. Moreover, there is a study indicated to the ranking of countries as halal friendly destinations for the year 2012 As follows: Malaysia, Egypt, United Arab Emirate, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Brunei, and Qatar. This research focuses on Jordan and Egypt and pursues toidentify the awareness of hoteliers, travel agents and airlines agents about halal tourism in both of Jordan and Egypt; evaluate the current situation of halal tourism; and identify the prospect and challenges of halal tourism in the two countries.
The study adopts Descriptive Analytical approach toreview the current phenomenon of Halal Tourism as it is in the Middle East region with application on Jordan and Egypt, both being promising Halal Tourism destinations.Collecting secondary datais from related
references and books, while preliminary information is obtained through questionnaire forms. The current research depends on the convenience sample for data collection. The researchers depend on e-mails and facebook techniques to collect data in Jordan and
Egypt. The current study recommends some main ideas for Halal Tourism; one of them is preparing a pilot project and an action plan for the airlines, travel agencies and hotels establishments in how to apply the principles and standards of Halal Tourism.
Key words: Halal Tourism, Halal Hotels, Shariah Market, Halal Food, Islamic Hotels Challenges and Opportunities, Halal Package


Halal Tourism, Halal Hotels, Shariah Market, Halal Food, Islamic Hotels Challenges and Opportunities, Halal Package

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