Raising competitiveness for the Travel and Tourism Industry (the Case of Egypt)

Nermeen El Shahat Nasr


ourism has evolved into a global phenomenon – one of the most important economic sectors and social activities of the time.
In recent decades, modern tourism has become the largest and fastest growing industry that can change quickly and this dynamic creates further challenges and a need for on-going
researches and development on indicators.
Tourism is recognized as one of the key sectors of development in all Egypt and a major source of income, jobs and wealth creation.
Egypt can create one of the strongest winning positions in the global tourism market as a
tourist destination, if the context of infrastructures, peace, stability and welcome is right.
Purpose – This study seeks to address the sustainable tourism competitiveness of Egypt as a tourist destination and proposing a systemic scale for identifying the factors of
competitiveness in tourism that based on travel and Tourism competitiveness indexes(TTCI) of World Economic Forum's(2015), that influence Egypt position in the world market. The purpose of the study is to indicate which factors may be deceive and if
time and development phase might have some influence on destination competitiveness ranking.
Design – The design of the study is descriptive and it represents an overview of studies from the research field of competitiveness, sustainability, tourist’s attitude and tourism policies Methodology – The analysis and descriptive method were used. The empirical research was carried out using a sample survey taken from among 600 randomly chosen international tourist arrivals
Findings – The study found that potential tourism destination competitiveness is significant for the growth of tourism and its economy. As the competitiveness of Egypt as a tourist destination is being improved, it will result in the increase of international tourist
arrivals that will sustain economic benefits of tourism. To translate conceptual ideas into practical tool and develop a final set of policies reasonable to the task, place and time is to be done in stakeholders at Egypt as a tourist destination.
Keywords: Tourism Destination Competitiveness; Sustainable Tourism Competitiveness; (TTCI) ; Travel & Tourism ;Egypt. 


Tourism Destination Competitiveness; Sustainable Tourism Competitiveness; (TTCI) ; Travel & Tourism ;Egypt

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