Students' Expectations towards Careers in the Hospitality Industry in Egypt

Hesham E. Saad, ,Hussein M. Ali


The aim of this study is to predict students' expectations towards career in the hospitality industry. A sample of 327 undergraduate students studying in hospitality management programmes at eight different universities in Egypt was surveyed. Results showed that the majority of the students intended to work in a career relates to the hospitality. The participants for this study think they will start their career in elementary level job and they also preferred to work in job position at food and beverage department. Opportunity to meet new people with different cultures and providing job opportunities were found to be the most important advantages of the hospitality industry that encourage students after graduation. Willingness to work long hours was considered the most important personal quality needs a competent employee. On the other hand, respondents believed that solid work experience is the most important factor HR managers are looking for in potential candidates. Conversely, language skills and communication skills were viewed as the important ones for career development purposes.


Career expectations, Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM), Egypt

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