Two Unpublished Bronze Statuettes of Osiris from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Mohamed El-sayed, Rasha Omran, Ibrahim Abd El-baset, Abd El-Rahim Abd El-Mohsen


The study highlights one of the most significant periods through the ancient Egyptian history. The research deals with two divine Statuettes from the twenty-sixth dynasty in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Furthermore, the definition of the late period emphasizes that the reason for the use of term "Late period" is due to the late of the time not the late of the Civilization because during this period, there were strong dynasties in Art, Civilization and the Policy.

Moreover, the research represents a full explanation of the two divine Statuettes, their positions, materials, their natures, jewelers and their insignias. 


Divine Statues, Twenty-sixth dynasty, Osiris, Saite dynasty, Late Period, Bronze.

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