Value Chain Innovation for Egyptian Tourism Product: A Case Study of Egyptian Travel Agencies

Mawra Fawzi Abdelwarith Abdel Hadi


Tourism is a growing and an extremely competitive sector. To be competitive, tourism product needs value chain innovation, responding to the more demanding tourist. Nonetheless, research on this field is limited. In Egypt,  the  tourism  sector  is    highly  strategic  sector  for  the Egyptian economy, but there is no evidence on how Egyptian tourism firms innovate their products. This paper highlights the importance of value chain innovation for tourism product. A survey was implemented to collect data from 275 respondents from travel agencies using a completed questionnaire technique. The research outcomes show that travel agencies in Egypt still need more efforts to achieve innovation of value chain. The study concluded that the innovation of value chain is considered as basis for a company's competitive advantage and marketing because it enables organizations to understand and apply the knowledge about their customers and to maximize profitability. 


Value chain, Tourism product, Egypt, Travel agencies, innovation

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