Emotional Intelligence and Potential Tour Guides in Egypt (Case Study of Tour Guiding Department - El Minia University)

Maged M. Rady


Tour guide plays many different roles which contribute positively to the overall quality of the tour and the satisfaction of the tourists. One of the roles is facilitator, this role which means that the tour guides are facilitating and solve problems emerge during the tour. For performing the facilitator role tour guide should have personal traits enable him / her to face any emergency and the emotional intelligence is the most important for performing this role. The concept of emotional intelligence emerged to describe people’s ability to deal with emotion-related issues such as problem solving.

The aim of the research is to find out if potential tour guides in Egypt are qualified enough and having the personal traits and the emotional intelligence to perform the different roles of tour guides. The researcher took the students of tour guiding department, El Minia University as an example to explore the potential tour guides qualifications and if they are having the necessary emotional intelligence to perform the different roles of the tour guides especially the facilitator role. The researcher is using a questionnaire technique which was distributed to the students of tour guiding department, faculty of Tourism and Hotels, El Minia University. The findings and the recommendations will be presented.


Tour guides, emotional intelligence

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