Ethnic Restaurants' Meal Experience: Egyptian Customers’ Perceptions

Gamal Sayed Ahmed Khalefa


One of the important components of ethnicity is expressed in the manner ethnic groups prepare and serve their food. Each ethnic group has preserved distinct characteristics in the food service industry, which make their cuisine unique. Currently, restaurateurs combine the influences and traditions from a variety of ethnic origins in a fusion of food and flavours. Because the majority of customers are Egyptians who are likely trying new cuisines, ethnic restaurant managers need to know what customers want and expect from a dining experience. The purpose of this study is to examine customers’ authentic perceptions of the food and the overall dining experience, and customers’ perceptions of the ethnic restaurant meal experience.

The study used a questionnaire to collect data from 379 Egyptian customers to perceive their opinions on the ethnical meal experience. It has employed linear regression to measure the effect of the predictors of ethnic restaurants dining and its effect on meal experience. The study has revealed very useful results in the way it evaluated customers’ perceptions of ethnic meal experience and depicted the factors that ethnic restaurant managers have succeeded to offer in their meal to support customer experience and attract Egyptian customers to dine in ethnic restaurants. The study highlighted the positive effect of sense of place, healthy issues, service quality, food quality, and staff behavior on customers' ethnic meal experience. On the other hand, ethnic restaurants defects are price fairness, employee skills, and marketing communication which negatively affect meal experience.


Ethnic food, Authenticity, Ethnic Restaurants Egypt

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