Zootherapy in Egypt during Graeco-Roman Period: An Analytical Study of Medical Prescriptions in Papyri and Ostraca

Manal Mahmoud Abd El Hamid


Zootherapy is the healing of human diseases by using of therapeutics obtained or derived from animals. In ancient Egypt, animals and the products derived from different organs of their bodies had constituted part of the inventory of medical substances used to cure many diseases.

According to the medical Greek and Demotic papyri and ostraca of Graeco-Roman Egypt , different categories of animals like mammals , reptiles ,birds, fish , and amphibians were widely used for healing .  Many animal extracts were used like gall , fat ,dung , milk , and blood as remedies for snakebite , headache , eye diseases , earache , burns , and wounds.


Zootherapy; healing; medical; papyri; ostraca; extract; disease; remedy

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