Customers and staff perception towards All-inclusive Programs in Resort Hotels

Lamia Saleh, Hany Esam, Ahmed Nour Eldein Elias


The concept of all-inclusive programs is being used on a fairly large scale all over the world. Generally, all-inclusive programs allow the customer to receive a package of services including accommodation, food, beverages, and other services and other amenities for set pre-paid prices.

In today's competitive business environment, the ability to meet and exceed customer expectations is important for any business. In turn, customer satisfaction has a direct positive impact on the economic viability of any hospitality organization. Thus all customer service organizations should strive to meet and exceed customer expectations in every aspect. Moreover, recruiting and retaining a satisfied staff is one of the most important factors for achieving customer satisfaction. Satisfied staff will create satisfied and loyal customers, which will result in higher sales, and consequently higher financial returns. Therefore, staff and customer satisfaction should be positively correlated.

The present paper investigates the customers and staff perception towards all-inclusive programs in a sample of Sharm El-Sheik reports. For this purpose a questionnaire was directed to a sample of guests visiting sixteen 4- and 5- star hotels. Also, a sample of staff members of these hotels was interviewed.

Hotel managers should be fully aware of customer expectations regarding all-inclusive programs through tour operators and websites in order to meet their expectations and to achieve their satisfaction as well. Also they should identify customer perceptions through Trip advisor and Guest relations. Furthermore they have to determine the gap between customer expectations and perceptions, in order to translate their expectations correctly into services and standards, thus achieving customers’ satisfaction. Recreational and food & beverage services should be organized to be enjoyable and diverse. Selection and recruitment of adequate staff with good experience would help to communicate and deal professionally with customers to achieve their satisfaction. 


All-inclusive programs, resort hotels, customers, staff, perceptions

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