What Factors Influence Consumers' Trust in Travel Affiliate Websites? An Exploratory Study

Hamida Abd El Samie Mohamed, Toka Mahrous Fahmy


websites and e-loyalty. The study seeks to examine the influence of some factors on the degree of consumer trust for affiliate travel websites. Moreover, the study goes further to measure the impact of overall trust on e-loyalty. The question of how to win consumer trust is an urgent matter for practitioners eager to harness the new capabilities enabled by the internet. There is a strong evidence of direct effects of trust on loyalty. Consumer trust in the website is fundamental to e-loyalty. Affiliate marketing is likely to become the principal mainstream marketing strategy for e-commerce businesses in the future. The specific setting for the study; a travel affiliate website (skyscanner.net), is devised for testing the interrelationship for the required variables. Five constructs are proposed for building consumer trust in affiliate website (disposition to trust; navigation; social cues; brand strength and structural assurances). The key findings reveal that the influences of factors affecting consumer trust in travel affiliate website are different. The study confirmed that disposition to trust, navigation and social cues have a significant effect on trust in affiliate travel websites.. The study will help affiliate websites managers to better understand consumers trust perspective, thereby gaining more loyal consumers.  


consumer trust; affiliate marketing; e-loyalty; travel affiliate websites

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