The Influences of Modern Technologies on Generations' Job Satisfaction: Luxor Hotels Case Study

Abu-Elhassan E. Abu-Elhassan, Yousery N. M. K. Elsayed, Dalia M. Soliman


The technology had various impacts on each generation. For instance Generation Y was described as technology oriented. Other generations had different engagement levels. This research investigated technology impacts on hoteliers' generations' job satisfaction in Luxor. The Study investigated the influences of modern technologies on job satisfaction at three generations (Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y) in five-star hotels in Luxor. The study used a mixed research approach. Case study methodology was used, to reveal the relationship between technology and different generations' satisfaction. Semi structured Interviews were undertaken with managers. Thirty five interviews were made. Four hundred and sixty labor surveys were distributed. Discourse analysis was used to analyze qualitative data. Quantitative data was statistically analyzed. The results and discussions developed a set of recommendations for hoteliers. The study findings revealed generational differences in the investigated point. 


Hoteliers' Job satisfaction, Generations; Modern Technology; Luxor Hotels.

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