Housekeeping Performance and Guest Satisfaction in Resort Hotels

Mahinor Ahmed Fouad, Shawki Hussein, Awny Youssef Attia


With globalization and people continually traveling abroad to and from different countries, the hotel industry faces many challenges in accommodating these different cultural influences. The hotel industry is a very competitive business in which customers place great emphasis on reliability, thus improving the housekeeping services will help in minimizing cost and time investment. Customer satisfaction has been identified as a key performance indicator in hotel industry. Service quality and customer satisfaction have increasingly been identified as key factors in the battle for competitive differentiation and customer retention. Hotels must enhance customer satisfaction by training the housekeeping to work efficiently with friendly manner. The aim of this study is to evaluate the housekeeping performance and its impact on guest satisfaction and determine the strength and weakness points in employee’s performance.


Housekeeping Performance, Hotel Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction

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