Knowledge Management as a Tool to Ensure Quality of Services and Increasing Guest Satisfaction in the Egyptian Hotels

Hany Atef Kouzmal, Ahmed Mohamed Atef


Knowledge management is now the most important strategic
technologies for large companies, To serve guests well and remain in business companies must: reduce their cycle times, operate with minimum fixed assets and overhead (people, inventory and facilities), shorten product development time, improve guest service, empower employees, innovate and deliver high quality products, enhance flexibility and adoption, capture information, create knowledge, share and learn. None of this is possible without a continual focus on the creation, updating, availability, quality and use of knowledge by all employees and teams at work and in the marketplace. Objectives: The research objective was to shed light on the importance of knowledge management in Egyptian hotels and its policy in entitles workers to the importance of the knowledge management practices in terms of enhancing the importance of knowledge and information in increasing the effectiveness of Egyptian hotels by assuring quality of service and increasing guest satisfaction. Methodology: A survey was carried out on (30) Four and Five Star Egyptian hotels in `Cairo, South Sinai, Red sea ` with senior managers was mainly conducted through a self-administered questionnaire on the H.R, F&B and H.K departments’ data collected by personal visits, phone calls, emails, fax. The questionnaire was focused on the management expectations about the knowledge management and its effect on staff and guest satisfaction, The data collected from hotels were used declares a descriptive analysis of manager’s questionnaire by using SPSS version 18. Results: The major contribution findings of this research showed that the effectiveness of the knowledge management in assessing decisions, assuring quality, and increasing guest satisfaction in Egyptian hotels, as well as how the hotels deal with the staff in this situation to better manage the knowledge
management that increase guest satisfaction. Conclusion: The study recommended the need to activate the knowledge management in Egyptian hotels. Therefore, management should be sensitive to the knowledge activities that were already going on within the company and seek mean to support them. Hotels management in Egypt should direct some of their budgets to provide staff with continuous training about knowledge management models because employees who see benefit in
Knowledge Management (KM) have changing their corporate culture accordingly.


Knowledge Management - Quality - Guest Satisfaction

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