Hotels' Employees Job Satisfaction and Positive Work Environment: A research in Hurghada

Mohammad Shaaban


The importance of developing and maintaining employees’ job satisfaction has been emphasized throughout previous related literature and studies due to its significance for
both employees’ career and establishment’s success. To understand what causes people to be satisfied with their jobs, the nature of the work itself is one of the first issues for practitioners to focus on. Work environment influences service climate, which in turn influences employee job satisfaction. This study’s aim is to examine how the various components of positive work environment (PWE) would influence job satisfaction (JS) dimensions of hotels' employees. The current study targeted the employees of four- and five-star hotels in Hurghada. A survey 5-point Likert scale questionnaire has been used to elicit the required data from respondent employees concerning supervisory and managerial support, peers’ support, management crew performance, role clarity and job description and resources’ availability, and employees’ job satisfaction. Results indicated that
employees’ job satisfaction is affected by the positive work environment and its chosen, hypothesized constituents. The result of this research recommended how to develop and
maintain a positive work environment through providing managers’ and supervisors’ support, peers’ supports, management crew diligence and success, and role clarity. In addition, measures should be taken to increase employees’ job satisfaction. This will eventually and directly lead hotels to better perform sustainably concerning employees,
being the most valuable asset and capital, and consequently succeed in terms of profitability, productivity and customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Key words: Job satisfaction; Work environment; Managers’ and supervisors’ support, Peers support, Management diligence, Role clarity


Job satisfaction; Work environment; Managers’ and supervisors’ support, Peers support, Management diligence, Role clarity

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