The Electronic Satisfaction Effect on Customer E-booking Decision: “Analytic Study Applied to Sharm El- Sheikh Resorts”

Gihan Nabil Ahmed, Hany Atef Kouzmal


There is no doubt that Information technologies (ITs) overcome in all functions of strategic and operational management as information is the lifeblood of hospitality industry; ITs provide both opportunities and challenges for the lodging industry. The current hospitality industry should  improves its competitiveness, by utilizing the emerging ITs and innovative management methods such as the electronic marketing thus, only creative and innovative hotels will be able to survive the competition in the new millennium.

Customer satisfaction is a business philosophy which tends to the creation of value for customers, anticipating and managing their expectations, and demonstrating ability and responsibility to satisfy their needs Gronoos, (1990). Therefore, managing guest satisfaction of e-marketing services is very important for the long-term growth of hospitality businesses. 

The aim of this study is to give attention to the resort who intends to use this network system as a source of increasing booking and guarantee guest satisfaction. The study contains an investigation of the customer e-satisfaction ratings on trade reputation web sites such as trip advisors and top

The field study accomplished through survey in both of social media networks and electronic mails. A self-administered questionnaire, which includes the management expectations about the e- satisfaction, and visitor’s opinions in e-booking.

The findings showed the effect of the e-satisfaction in increasing customer satisfaction in Sharm El Sheikh Resorts, as well as how the resorts deal with the competition in this situation. A major contribution of this study is the development of models for resort managers to better manage the e-satisfaction that increase customers booking.


Electronic satisfaction – E-marketing - Customer satisfaction – Word of mouth –booking/ buying selection

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