A Suggested Plan for Applying the City Bus Tour to Alexandria

Ghada Mohammad Bassiony, Tarneem Farag Bayoumy


Alexandria is an attractive city for foreign tourists due to its richness as a cultural and recreational destination. Organized tours to Alexandria are quiet successful with different itineraries that covers the touristic sites of Alexandria and its major attractions. These itineraries are well prepared by travel agencies and accompanied by professional tour guides who are highly trained to give information about the touristic sites as well as commenting on modern life. A pilot study was conducted with foreign tourists traveling on their own to Alexandria to explore the obstacles facing them when visiting the city. A problem has been realized which is the insufficient information concerning the precise location of these touristic sites, combined with transportation, routes and lack of guiding panels at sites. This study aims at overcoming these obstacles through investigating the possibility of applying the city bus tour employed in different cities around the world to Alexandria .This bus tour attempts to help tourists travelling on their own in this multifaceted problem, with consideration to freedom and space needed.   That helps to increase tourists’ number, satisfaction and duration of stay in Alexandria .The results of questionnaires distributed among a sample of individual tourists revealed the importance of the city bus tour in developing tourism in Alexandria.


organized tours-touristic sites- traveling on their own- city bus tour- individual tourists.

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