Youth Week of the Egyptian Universities: An Opportunity for Promoting Domestic Tourism

Islam Elgammal, Marwa M. Ghanem


This study highlighted the important role of sport events in promoting domestic tourism in Egypt. In particular, this study designed to explore attendees’ motivation, satisfaction and behavioral intention, and further examine the influence of motivation and satisfaction on
intention to return to event and hosting destination. This is in order to identify what needs to be considered for such events to contribute towards domestic tourism development. In this regard, the 10th University Youth Week of Egypt (September 2015) was investigated.
In this big event, more than 6000 youth from 25 Egyptian universities participated in sports, arts, scouting, social, cultural and scientific activities. Quantitative and qualitative data was collected from a sample of 812 attendees and analyzed by using SPSS V.16 and
multiple regression analysis. The results showed that youth motivations and satisfaction have a significant influence on behavioral intentions towards the event and the hosting destination. The results also indicated that attendees that were motivated by exploring
destination and new local culture and togetherness, and satisfied with leisure activities and the level of competition are more willing to repeat participation in same event, revisit the hosting destination and spread positive word-of-mouth. Theoretical implications of the
results and recommendations for practice are also presented.
Keywords: Event tourism, domestic tourism, Satisfaction, Motivation, Behavioral intention, Egypt, 10th Week of University Youth


Event tourism, domestic tourism, Satisfaction, Motivation, Behavioral intention, Egypt, 10th Week of University Youth

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