Antecedents and Consequences of Food Quality in Egyptian Healthcare

Karam Zaki, Mohamed Ahmed


This research examined food production/service quality mediating effect in the relationship between the innovative human resource management practices (IHRMPs) and patient satisfaction in Egyptian healthcare. Case study strategy applied in two Egyptian hospitals. Structural equation modelling (SEM) was used. A convenient sample included 252 hospital patients and 108 kitchen staff was selected. Findings indicated a strong positive IHRMP effects on patient satisfaction. According to SEM analysis, food service quality factor was fully mediated the direct relationship between IHRMPs and the patient satisfaction. While food production quality factor was not mediated the relationship between IHRMPs and patient satisfaction. The article identifies opportunities to use comprehensive IHRMPs effectively and to develop other food quality indicators that may affect patient satisfaction. This article is among the few studies offering a framework to identify service quality mediation effect in the relationship between IHRMPs and patient satisfaction in Egyptian healthcare. This framework is based on social exchange theory in which quality knowledge perceptions in hospitals could come from IHRMPs, which consequently promotes patient satisfaction.


Quality, Patient satisfaction, Social exchange theory, Healthcare, Egypt

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