Travel Motivations, Perceived Constraints, and Tourists’ Behavior: Examining the Mediating Effects of Tourists’ Satisfaction

Mohamed Ali Ahmed Obaid


Despite the fact that much research has investigated travel motivations, little work has incorporated perceived constraints with motivations when studying travel behavior. The impacts of motivations and perceived constraints on satisfaction and behavioral intentions were examined and the mediating effect of satisfaction on the relationship between the identified variables was tested. 300 self-administrated questionnaires were distributed to tourists in Oman and SEM analysis was used to test hypotheses and models. Although the results revealed that both motivations and constraints have significant impacts on satisfaction, no evidence supports their impacts on behavioral intentions. Tourist satisfaction plays a mediating role among other identified variables and has significant effects on both purchase intentions and word-of-mouth intentions. Practical and theoretical contributions are discussed, with future research suggested.


Travel Motivations; Travel Constraints; Behavioral Intentions; Satisfaction; Oman.

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